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March 23rd brought a windy but relatively warm spring day for the 24th Annual McCabe Genetics Production Sale. Before the sale started everyone was served lunch by the local Mennonite ladies which included their famous pies. So well known and enjoyed are these pies that a group of buyers who couldn't attend from Kosciusko, Mississippi gathered around their Internet to watch the sale and were eating pie to make it seem more like they were at the sale. The McCabe family is totally committed to helping their customers add value to their calves. This can be accomplished several ways including assistance in marketing customer reputation females for a premium over most other options that are available. McCabes also assist customers in retained ownership of calves through the logistics of transporting and risk management into the feedlot transition. The family also purchases or partners on a large number of customer calves throughout the year. The McCabes business model seems to be embraced by the number of producers who want to do something different but really just don't know where to start.

The Sale was solid throughout but had bulls in every ones price range and had no extreme tops in either breed. High selling bull in the Angus Sale was Lot 109, a PVF Insight bull that was out of a SAV Pioneer dam. He was purchased by Donald Jacobs of Yates Center, KS. Donald is a longtime repeat buyer and he always buys a good one. Shawn Mills of Moline, KS paid $6750 for Lot 26, a Ten X bull that boasted a 13 CED and still had over 100 pounds of yearling growth. Shawn also sells females through the sale and his program just continues to get stronger. Three bulls came in at $6500. Lot 1 sold to longtime top end customer Courtney Collins of Big Cabin, OK and his full embryo brother Lot 3 sold to new customer Doug Smith of Muldrow, OK. They were sired by Tour of Duty out of a Nichols Direction L84 cow. The third bull coming in at $6500 was lot 122 who was sired by SAV Beacon out of a Hoover Dam daughter. He sold to longtime customer Rocking K Ranch at South Coffeyville, OK.

The Hereford sale was topped by Lot 233 at $8000 for a Lifeline bull out of a Hometown daughter. He was purchased by repeat customer Don Simmons and Matt Barnes of Doe Run, GA. This eighteen month old horned bull had lots of friends sale day. Shawn Schabel of Independence, KS stepped up to the plate on a pair of full embryo brothers in lots 248 for $6750 and 249 for $6250. They are a pair of sleep all night polled Hereford heifer bulls sired by Bennett Revolution X 51 out of an E F Beef Schu-LarProficient N093 daughter. Shawn is a longtime buyer and always buys out of the extreme top end. Don Simmons and Matt Barnes came back on for lot 192 for $6250 who is a Churchill Sensation bull out of a straight Line 1 cow. Don and Matt have as good of a cowherd in South Georgia as you will find anywhere in the country. Robert Stotts, a new customer from Hennessay, OK bought lot 203 for $6250. He is sired by Times a Wastin and out of an Embracer daughter.

In an effort to help market females produced by bull customers the McCabe family allows bull customers to market some of their top genetics each year. 277 commercials, mostly 2 year old pairs averaged $2195 per pair. Topping the pairs were 20 F1 Black Baldies that were consigned by Shawn Mills of Moline, KS. They sold to Dave Mool of Lexington, IL. Dave is a registered Angus breeder who will eventually use these females for top notch recipient females. 202 commercial heifers bred to calve in the fall averaged $1476. The high selling set of the fall bred heifers were consigned by Mike and Flint Landrith of Bartlett, KS at $1550. They sold to John Young of Madison, KS. John is starting a new herd and wants to start right with these Landrith heifers.

160 commercial open heifers were sold for the conclusion of the female sale. These heifers are pelvic measured, vaccinated and ready to breed. The high selling group were from McCabe Genetics and sold to Rick and Joe Cornwell from St. John, KS for $1110. The Cornwell family nearly always sells some of the top bred females in the annual Kansas Angus Assn sale held at Pratt, KS each December.

The McCabe family donated 25% of Angus bull lot 1 and Hereford bull lot 192 to the Kansas Livestock Foundation Wildfire Relief fund. $3500 was raised for our neighbors in western Kansas. Our thoughts and prayers continue for their strength through this trial.

The McCabe Family appreciates the continued support from beef producers both near and far away. We will continue to work towards making our customers have every opportunity within our means to be successful. Please don't hesitate to call if you have questions, Randy 620-332-4244, Flinton 620-332-4498 or Ethan 620-636-0545.


March 24th was a cold, very windy day in Elk City, Kansas but there was standing room only at the 23rd annual McCabe Genetics production sale. Over 250 Angus and Hereford bulls were sold to new owners in 9 states. The high selling lot for the day was lot 1, who was sired by the highly proven maternal giant Sitz Alliance 6595 and out of Stoney Fork OBJ Primrose 7111, the cornerstone donor for the Decades Group of Chapel Hill, Tennessee. Martha Dalrymple, her husband James of Amory, Mississippi and a couple of their friends arrived sale morning at the Independence airport aboard a private jet to attend the sale. After braving the cold wind repeatedly throughout the morning to evaluate the bulls Martha made the winning bid of $15,000 for the two year old Alliance son that was saved for a sale feature. Martha is building a first class herd of commercial Brangus and Ultra Black influenced cows that are as good as you will find anywhere and it has been a privilege to work with Martha for several years.

Another sale feature was lot 68, an AAR Ten X 7008 SA son out of a Sitz Upward 307R daughter. He featured a 60 pound weaning EPD and 119 pound yearling EPD along with over 195 on his $Beef. Alan Lewis selected this stout, heavy structured, high carcass merit bull at $10,000 for his Cross L Ranch at Sedan, Kansas where he produces bulls for his ranching operations in Kansas and Florida. Alan is a repeat buyer and always buys out of the extreme top end.

Lot 217, a stout yearling son of AAR Ten X 7008 SA out of a Summitcrest Complete 1P55 daughter came in as the third high selling bull at $9750 selling to Gary Holst of Holst Land and Cattle Company at Thayer, Kansas. This bull also showed very strong numbers at 61 pounds weaning EPD, 116 yearling and over $179 for his $Beef. Gary has been a volume buyer of the top bulls for several years as he selects genetics for his ranching operations in both Kansas and Montana.

Lot 2, a Connealy Capitalist 028 son out of a granddaughter of SAV Providence 6922 was selected by Shawn Schabel of Independence, Kansas for $9000. The moderate framed, double digit CED bull has been a standout since birth. Shawn also selected lot 3 for $8500, a two year old by Connealy Impression out of a BC Classic dam. This calving ease bull with a CED of 9 and a yearling EPD of 100 was a bull folks were talking about the morning of the sale. Shawn buys some of the best bulls every year for his cattle operation headquartered in Independence, Kansas.

Dustin Covey and Mike Meyers of Ulysses, Kansas bought a trailer load of bulls that included Lot 121 for $8750. This SAV Record Harvest son out of a SAV Net Worth daughter was made for breeding cows and selling calves by the pound. He was the highest birth EPD at 8.0 and the second lowest CED at -11 in the sale but was an incredibly impressive individual in terms of phenotype and performance. Lot 121 is a perfect example of matching the bull with the purpose. A low birth weight bull has a purpose but is not right for every situation and they will be glad they own this bull. Also, on Mike and Dustin's trailer was Lot 90 at $8000. This really good PVF Insight bull out of a Woodhill Foresight dam has a weaning EPD of 64, a yearling number of 109 and was one of the most impressive bulls phenotypically in the sale. Dustin and Mike have ranching operations in both eastern and western Kansas.

Gary Holst of Holst Land and Cattle came back in on lot 81 at $8250. This SAV Resource 1441 bull out of a Final Answer 0035 daughter had a 66 pound weaning EPD, a 125 pound yearling EPD and a 168 $Beef. He was a standout in the pasture throughout the grazing season last summer and he was a popular bull on the videos coming into the sale.

Terry Evans of Evans Angus Farm at Fall River, Kansas selected lot 84 at $8000, another Resource son out of the same very popular cow family as the lot 1 bull. The young herd sire had weaning and yearling numbers at 65 and 129 respectively and a 170 $Beef in addition to being out of a two year old heifer and being the heaviest calf weaned in the entire cooperator herd where he was produced. Terry also selected lot 82, a calving ease Resource with a CED of 11 for $7500 and lot 210, a Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 son out of a full sister to Coleman Regis for $6750. Terry put together a very strong set of bulls from the sale offering.

Don Simmons and Matt Barnes at Doe Run, Georgia purchased 5 bulls to work in their south Georgia herd after buying a group of the top bulls last year. Topping their list this year was lot 122, a calving son of SAV Net Worth that goes back to Future Direction on the bottom side at $9000. This bull puts calving ease, performance and carcass merit into a very attractive package. A tour of Don and Matt's cows proves that southern cow herds can be as strong as anywhere in America.

The Hereford sale was also steady throughout with no extreme tops. Included among the highlights would be Lot 225 purchased by Vaughn Ranch at Grenola, Kansas at $6500. This two year old herd sire by HH Advance 9075W ET out of a BR Moler ET daughter had a balanced set of numbers across the board with one of the largest ribeye EPD's in the Hereford sale. The Burdette's do an excellent job and this bull is going into a great program.

Lot 266, purchased by the Lundy Ranch at Afton, Oklahoma also sold for $6500. This polled bull was sired by GV CMR Strong 156T Y 449 ET out of a Lowderman bred cow by Star Bright Future 533P ET. He has been a standout since weaning and heseems to get better as time passes. With a 67 pound weaning and 104 pound yearling EPD he may continue to do so.

Shawn Mills at Grenola, Kansas paid $6500 for lot 223, a Churchill Sensation 028X son that goes back to one of the original cows purchased from Bob Faler. Shawn also came back to purchase lot 240, a good rednecked, straight Line 1 bred bull at $5750. This maternally bred horned bull will help the Mills Ranch to continue to bring those sale topping F1's to the sale.

Whitmire Ranch at Tulsa, Oklahoma paid $5750 for lot 230 which was another Line 1 bull sired by the top selling bull from our 2012 sale. This bull had a lot of friends sale day because the pre sale video of him created a lot of attention.

At the end of the day 194 Angus bulls averaged $4834 and 49 Hereford bulls averaged $4495. Volume buyers not previously mentioned include Rickey Wilkerson, Forest, Mississippi; Fred Kopp, Fairview, Kansas and Johnson Brothers, Afton, Oklahoma.

The commercial two year old pairs sold in a range mostly from $2550 to $2850. Topping the sale was a nice offering from Steve Clark at Hillcrest Genetics at Havana, Kansas to Jeff Cline at Newkirk, Oklahoma for $2900.

The groups of heifers bred to calve in the fall ranged from mostly $1750 to $1900. One package at $1950 topped the sale consigned by Mike and Flint Landrith at Bartlett, Kansas selling to Royce Lange from Conway Springs, Kansas.

A package of 3 to 6 year old cows bred to calve in the fall from McCabe Genetics sold to Earl Porter, Fredonia, Kansas for $2350.

The open heifers that were ready to breed ranged from mostly $1335 to $1400. Shawn Mills, Grenola, Kansas sold 25 head of F1 Black Baldies at $1800 to Bryce Gragg at Moline, Kansas. McCabe Genetics also sold 35 head of F1 Black Baldies to David Milner at Welda, Kansas for $1650.

The sale was managed by the American Angus Hall of Fame. Jerry Lehmann and Justin Stout served as the auctioneers. Marketing agents were Mike Jones, West Point, Georgia; Scott Esthay, Kaplan, Louisiana; David Kreig, San Angelo, Texas and Matt Eller, West Point Mississippi.

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